Connected watches are popular, but for Fitbit, the tracker is not dead yet.

Proof of this is with the Fitbit Luxe, a new connected bracelet with a design that is both very elegant and very refined.

The formula remains the same as with the old models: the Fitbit Luxe is neither more nor less than a watch that embeds a handful of sensors that allow daily monitoring of physical activity and sleep.

To stand out (a little) from the competition, Fitbit relies on the Health features, with monitoring of stress, fatigue and signs of illness.

However, some functions will be behind a paywall, since it will be necessary to subscribe to Fitbit Premium to access them.

Health in the spotlight

“Premium members have access to a range of physical exercises and mindful meditation that help manage stress. These include the “Mindful” method by Deepak Chopra, an exclusive series of meditation techniques, created and adapted for Premium members, offering around thirty sessions to make the practice of mindfulness more accessible. In addition, Fitbit is launching four new sessions of the Mindfulness Method, focused on bringing the power of conscious attention to many everyday situations, ”Fitbit details in a statement. Monthly trends will also be hidden behind the paywall, which seems like a really bad idea in terms of user experience.

For women, Fitbit also offers menstruation tracking and a glucometer for diabetics.

More than ever, the emphasis is on health and services.

The good news is that buyers will still have 6 months of access to the Premium plan.

The bad news is that the subscription is billed at 79.95 euros per year.

In terms of performance and price, the Fitbit Luxe hardly impresses with its 5 short days of autonomy announced and its price of 149.95 euros, much higher than its competitors.

However, he can count on his stylish look to seduce these ladies.

Fitbit has also signed a partnership with Gorjana which will offer various accessories and bracelets to personalize the tracker.


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