Avalanche of new products at Apple.

During a keynote recorded and broadcast this Tuesday, April 20 at 7 p.m., Tim Cook played Santa Claus before the hour.

In sixty minutes, watch in hand, the boss of the apple company unveiled a new color (purple) for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini;

the launch of Air Tags (small Bluetooth accessories to be grafted to your keys to find them from an iPhone);

a new Apple TV 4K box;

powerful iPad Pro, but above all new iMacs.

No, no new AirPods, it will be for next time!

New look, new power

No more computers with a rounded back and aluminum finish: the iMac 2021 adopts a new design and starts with seven colors to choose from to "bring joy to all spaces", says Apple.

In addition to the color, which will now allow its iMac to match its decor, the new computer takes the form of an 11.5 mm thick slab, without any roundness at the back.

According to the manufacturer, this is made possible thanks to the overpowered house M1 chip.

This promises an increased speed of 85%.

Already present on the MacBook Air, Pro and Mini, the processor has allowed Apple to completely reconfigure the interior architecture of the iMac.

Hence the displayed finesse.

But not only: the new iMac is promised as even quieter with a sound level of less than 10 db (almost inaudible).

Six speakers to beef up the audio

The computer, whose 4.5K 24 '' panel (compared to 23 '' previously) displays 11.3 million pixels (4480 x 2520) is also equipped with Apple's True Tone system. This adapts the color of the temperatures displayed to the environment of the screen. Another novelty: a 1080p camera. Enough to improve the quality of its video meetings!

But where we also expect the new iMac, it is on the sound.

Apple indeed equips its latest toy with six speakers: two


and a


on each side of the screen.

And the sound system is Dolby Atmos compatible.

Pretty promising.

Note that the computer has four USB-C sockets, an Ethernet socket (in the power supply unit) and a headphone socket.

But this time the SD card slot disappears.

A page turns ... maybe a little prematurely.

Available at the end of May, the new iMac, will be launched from 1,449 euros in 256 GB, and up to 1,899 euros in 512 GB. The cheapest models will only offer four colors (blue, green, pink, silver), against seven for the most expensive (blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and mauve).

Apple, which like other computer manufacturers saw its Mac sales jump (+ 111.5%) in 2020, in particular thanks to the Coronavirus crisis and the need for people to equip themselves, should play on velvet with its new iMacs.

The M1 chip, widely acclaimed for its incredible speed, could still give color to sales of the iMac 2021.


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