Two men were killed in a crash with a Tesla in the US state of Texas on Saturday.

The self-driving function was probably switched on and there was no one in the driver's seat, authorities report Sunday.

According to police, the 2019 Tesla S model had flown out of the corner at great speed, then hit a tree and then caught fire.

The first investigation shows that the two occupants were seated in the passenger seat and the rear seat.

It is still under investigation whether the autopilot, as the function is also called, of the car was active.

The accident comes at an unfortunate time for the company, which plans to make the fully self-driving car software available to more customers shortly.

The technology is being promoted by Tesla as a safer way to drive.

There have been multiple crashes with Teslas in the United States lately.

There are currently 27 investigations into the car brand in the country.

The American company of multi-billionaire Elon Musk was not available for comment on Sunday.

The Tesla CEO said in January that he is confident that the autopilot will drive more reliably than a driver in a few years. The company emphasizes that the driver should still have his hands on the wheel to take control if needed.