Saturday evening, in Tourcoing, an intervention for a rodeo in a district of the city was followed by throwing projectiles on the police.

Urban violence took place again on Sunday evening, without causing any injuries, indicates the prefecture. 

Urban violence took place Sunday evening in Tourcoing, in the North, for the second consecutive evening, without causing injury, we learned from the prefecture and police source.

After an evening marked on Saturday by projectiles thrown at the police following an intervention for a rodeo in the Red Cross district, the prefecture indicated on Sunday evening that "incidents" were still in progress around midnight , again with projectile throws, without deploring any wounded.

The zonal director of public security in Hauts-de-France, Jean-François Papineau, reported "agitation of a greater magnitude (than on Saturday, editor's note) on the part of a few groups of individuals" , adding that the situation was "under control by the police force on the spot".

Police reinforcements were sent to the Burgundy district of Tourcoing in the early evening, according to union sources.

First clashes on Saturday night

During the unrest on Saturday, "two individuals were taken into police custody at around 7 p.m. following a motorized rodeo," the public prosecutor in Lille, Carole Etienne, told AFP.

After this rodeo, around 11 p.m., the police intervened "for a fire from a vehicle positioned in the middle of the roadway and were the target of mortar and stone throwing" and another individual, a minor, was then arrested, continued Carole Etienne.

He must be brought before the children's judge on Monday.

"Agitation attempts" also took place on Saturday in the Lille Moulins district, with fireworks mortars, according to Jean-François Papineau.

"The fight against drug trafficking in the neighborhoods has intensified for seven or eight months, which has increased tensions, which are expressed at nightfall," he said. "Urban violence, it does not stop, everywhere in Hauts-de-France," lamented Arnaud Boutelier, regional secretary of the Alliance police union in Hauts-de-France.