WhatsApp: a flaw allows anyone to block your account -


The Whatsapp messaging application offers its users to identify themselves by entering a code received by SMS.

Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to corrupt this method to block WhatsApp account of a user, as the researchers found cybersecurity Luis Márquez and Ernesto Canales Pereña Carpintero, reports



Here, there is no question of hacking or exploiting a security flaw with computer tools, but rather of harming a loved one or an acquaintance.

A malicious person could indeed decide to block the WhatsApp account of a contact to annoy them.

It would suffice for this to try to connect to the messaging application by entering the phone number of the individual she is targeting.

This would trigger the sending of a code by SMS to the number entered.

However, if the malicious person repeats the operation several times, WhatsApp will block the identification for the account associated with the phone number for 12 hours.

The person can then contact the support of the messaging application by email on the pretext of the theft of their smartphone and request the suspension of their alleged WhatsApp account.

The various connection attempts that she will have made will only strengthen her version.

As a security measure, the account will be suspended without the real owner being able to do anything.

Pure nuisance

Although this vulnerability in the WhatsApp identification system can lead to malicious actions, it does not however allow access to the account itself.

The confidentiality of the account and of the various conversations is therefore preserved.

Contacted by Forbes, a spokesperson for Whatsapp said that "providing an email address in the two-step identification system helps our customer service to assist users if they ever face this unlikely problem" and encouraged anyone needing help contacting their services by email to conduct the investigation.

Whatsapp, however, has not confirmed that it is working to resolve this security flaw.


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WhatsApp: Call for caution over new SMS-based hacking method

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