Who should be afraid of Amazon's Echo Show 10?


20 minutes

  • Launched at 249 euros, the new smart speaker Echo Show 10 from Amazon changes paradygm.

  • The device which has a 10-inch screen also includes a 13-megapixel camera.

  • Its goal: to follow the user and allow him to always be facing the screen, which is practical for keeping his hands free, but raises many questions.

Another speaker with an Amazon Echo Show screen?

Yes, but with Echo Show 10, the web merchant is opening a new door in the world of connected speakers: thanks to its rotating screen, Echo Show 10 follows its user wherever he is.

20 Minutes

spent several days with this funny device that does not let go of a sole.

A priori creepy with its

big brother


, does Echo Show 10 have unsuspected virtues?

Amazon's Echo Show 10, launched at 249 euros.


A speaker, a screen and a camera

Pretty pretty out of the box, the device looks like a big speaker on which a digital tablet would have been hung.

Massive, but ultimately discreet in the kitchen where we installed it, Echo Show 10 (25.1 x 23 x 17.2 cm for 2.6 kg) first of all perfectly fulfills its vocation as a smart speaker.

Implemented with the Amazon Alexa app, the device is up and running in minutes.

Integrating two


and a


, the speaker offers serious and even quite bassy sound.

Thanks to a “Skill” (a dedicated application), we linked Alexa to our Deezer account from our smartphone.

From then on, all you have to do is ask “Alexa, play…”, so that the speaker diffuses the requested sounds.

Echo Show 10 can be used as an extra television.


But Echo Show 10 also has everything from the small extra TV.

You can obviously use it to watch television thanks to Molotov.

TV, but also videos with Amazon Prime or Netflix.

The offer remains limited, but sufficient as it is.

13 megapixels and a lynx's eye

Echo Show 10's 10 '' / 25.4cm touchscreen is just HD but also suitable for most purposes.

Its responsiveness is emphasized when, used in a tactile manner (in particular to access the settings), no latency disturbs navigation.

Nevertheless, it has large black borders.

Measuring 2.2 cm, the upper border is moreover more visible than the others (1.4 cm).

It is there, at the top, on the right, that the 13 megapixel camera of Echo Show 10 is planted.

The camera with motion tracking of Echo Show 10. - CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

With its 13 megapixels, “the eye” opens as soon as the classic wake-up call is pronounced: “Alexa…”.

The camera locates the user, associates the sound of his voice and his image and triggers the motion tracking.

On its motorized base, Echo Show 10 performs rotations and can cover a practically complete field of 360 °.

Enabled by default, this tracking is at first disconcerting.

Because it does not take more than a second for Echo Show 10 to react and instantly set in motion as soon as you move.

Thus, we came and went in our kitchen, all busy with our meals and were able to "take advantage" of the process so as not to lose a crumb of one of the episodes of the

Me, Christiane F series

which has just been put online. on Amazon Prime Video, but also to stay in touch during video calls (with other people who have an Echo Show), and to watch our mid-day news meeting.

Whether you are in the kitchen, facing the refrigerator, in front of the dresser ... you just have to turn your head towards Echo Show 10 to find yourself face to face with your screen which, like the lynx's eye. 'a feline ready to pounce on its prey, does not let go of a sole.


With Echo Show 10, cook with Marmiton without touching the screen ... - CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

All the more disturbing that Echo Show 10 moves forward with complete discretion: located in the base of the speaker, its

brushless motor

(brushless) makes absolutely no noise ... With its concept, Amazon therefore defends the idea that the user can keep their hands free.

Setting up Echo Show 10 in a kitchen makes sense: you can prepare food, with flour on your fingers, by associating an activity on the speaker screen without having to touch it.

The camera does not see anyone

We have obviously expressed to the folks at Amazon our concerns about the risk of spyware that their device could potentially allow.

Our interlocutors replied that the camera sees the image of a person well, "but translates it in the form of an abstraction, with shapes, borders and colors".

In short, what the Echo Show 10's camera sees is not someone, but some sort of big bunch of blinking pixels.

The camera can be obscured and motion tracking disabled.


In addition, Amazon reassures: "nothing passes through the cloud and there is no internal storage".

The online sales giant's servers therefore do not access any video data.

And then, it is possible at any time to deactivate the tracking of the camera.

Either by purely and simply obscuring the objective with a small physical component, or by asking Alexa kindly to stop the follow-up: "Alexa, deactivate the movement".

Monitor remotely

But at the same time, the camera can also be activated remotely, from the Amazon Alexa application connected to the account with which Echo Show 10 is associated.

By sliding your finger across the surface of the screen, you can rotate the camera from left to right, allowing you to keep a close eye on what's going on in a room.

When you launch this viewing, a brief message "A household member is viewing the feed from your camera" appears on the screen of the Echo Show 10. Better to prevent ...

The principle is reassuring to say hello to a child left alone or to see if Etna, the little dog, does not take advantage of our absence to devastate the sofa ... As with classic surveillance cameras, it is also possible to interact with voice from his smartphone.

Do not miss any more that this smartphone also receives alerts in the event of suspicious movement or noise and that the base of the speaker integrates a siren so that Echo Show 10 turns into a real surveillance system!

Amazon could well consider it: after having bought Blink, a start-up specializing in home automation alarms in 2017, then Ring, a start-up specializing in connected doorphones in 2018, it is hard to imagine Jeff Bezos' firm stopping there. and not capitalize on the know-how of these companies to optimize the possible interactions with its connected speakers.

The Echo Show 10 could well be the first stone of a new building combining artificial intelligence, entertainment and security ...


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“Alexa, tell me what we ask you….


We know a little more about the uses that the French make of Amazon's personal assistant Alexa.

Asked by 20 Minutes, Amazon France stands on the podium for the main requests made.

On the first step come requests for music playback on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, along with listening to numerous podcasts.

On the second step, listening to the radio (Radio France, NRJ,; RTL…), and again listening to station podcasts.

On the third step of the podium, home automation "gained momentum during confinement", explains Amazon.

Consumers would buy a first connected bulb that can be controlled by voice with Alexa, then two, then expand their equipment.

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