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is the news about the case of a head injury of a baby two months old born in a motel in Incheon.

Unfortunately, the baby has not yet recovered consciousness.

On the one hand, however, the difficult circumstances of the baby's family are being conveyed one by one.

This is Park Jae-hyun.


A motel owner in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, vividly remembers the events of February 16.

[○○Motel owner: (Motel) I am carried with my mother with my newborn baby in a robe...

.] A

couple in a motel gave birth to a baby.

The family who left the coat and left in a hurry will come again, and the owner is storing family items such as diapers.

The baby's family has been around for two months since childbirth with two different models.

From the room of only 3 pyeong to the baby brother, your family couldn't even get meals on time.

[△△ Motel owner: Only one meal a day.

(Did you only have one meal?) No delivery.

Almost nothing to eat.]

Still, the mother's parenting handbook, which carefully wrote down the amount of baby formula, ended on the last 6 days.

This is the day my mother was arrested.

Help was desperate, but the support from the local government was disappointing.

[○○ Motel owner: I (phone) the ward office and ask them to contact the town office.

(In the town office) I made it a little hard.

(Without support) What happens on TV.

I am not still.]

The welfare center where the motel was located started intensive support for families in need from last month, but the support supplies were limited to food, milk powder, and childcare supplies.

The head-injured baby couldn't regain consciousness, and the police investigating the baby's father for child abuse applied for an arrest warrant for "the residence is unclear."