The perpetrator of the Sept-Sorts pizzeria attack, which killed a 13-year-old girl in August 2017, was sentenced Thursday to life imprisonment.

With a 22-year safety sentence, this sentence was handed down "because of the exceptional dangerousness of the accused", justified the president of the Assize Court.

The verdict was delivered at the trial of the driver who had run into a pizzeria in the Paris region in August 2017. He had killed a 13-year-old girl and had injured a dozen people.

The Seine-et-Marne Assize Court on Thursday sentenced him to the maximum penalty, namely life imprisonment, with a 22-year security sentence. 

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"We got it, society got it"

This verdict was rendered "because of the exceptional dangerousness of the accused", in the words of the president of the Assize Court.

The accused had no reaction to the statement of this verdict.

In the room, a man wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of Angela, the deceased teenager, raises his fist.

The victim's mother burst into tears.

The father walked out of the room saying "We got it, society got it".

"I'm very happy. We had our justice, finally," sighs Sarah, who worked at the pizzeria on the night of the incident.

"We have been heard. We have been listened to, the sentence will not repair the harm he has done, but it is very fair. He will not be able to do any more harm."

"It was made clear who was guilty"

During the trial, the driver always said he did not intend to kill.

The premeditation was however well retained by the jurors, which greeted François Mazon, the lawyer of the parents of the deceased teenager.

"He did not assume his responsibilities and from this point of view, this famous feeling of guilt that all the victims expressed, I think that with a verdict of this level, we clearly showed who was guilty. , and it's not them, "he said at the microphone of Europe 1. We do not yet know if the driver will call.

His lawyer has said he will discuss it with him in the coming days.