A department store in Gyeonggi-do, which required female employees to wear shoes for proxy parking guides who stood all day long, improved the dress code.

Last year, Mr. A, who worked at a department store in Gyeonggi-do, helped with car parking, worked in an underground parking lot all day long, wearing a skirt and shoes.

The male employee who did the same job worked in trousers and sneakers.

Attorney Ji-young Park, who received the report, filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission on behalf of Mr. A, saying that the opportunity to choose clothes was limited and discriminated against men without a reasonable reason.

Afterwards, the department store told the complainant that it was improved to allow both men and women to wear sneakers by changing the regulations in which female employees were required to wear shoes or shoes.

They also added that they provided pants for both men and women and supplemented their work attire, such as attaching belt loops to the clothes.

When the department store promised to improve, Mr. A dropped the complaint from the Human Rights Commission.

Attorney Park said, "We welcome the decision of the department store, and hope that the case of municipal administration will be widely known, and there will be changes in other workplaces as well."