There has also been a setback in the vaccine supply plan in Korea. Korea has secured 6 million Janssen vaccines, but the introduction schedule has become unclear due to the US health authorities' recommendation to discontinue use.

Next, this is reporter Choi Sun-gil.


Of the 79 million vaccines the government has secured so far, the Janssen vaccine, which the United States has stopped vaccinating at this time, accounts for 6 million.

Janssen vaccine is the third product approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on the 7th, following AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

Unlike other products that require two vaccinations, it was expected that only one vaccination was required, but as the US vaccination was discontinued, the domestic introduction schedule became uncertain.

An official from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained, "Before the introduction of the Janssen vaccine, there was an issue, so discussions about the approval of the vaccine are necessary,"

In addition, he announced that he would also discuss convening an expert meeting while examining overseas trends.

Due to the rare thrombosis side effects of AstraZeneca, people under the age of 30 are excluded from the vaccination, and the government has changed the vaccination plan, but there is still anxiety.

With the NovaVax vaccine being available in June, one month behind schedule, there are not enough vaccines to replace AstraZeneca.