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30 coins

... Spanish fiction lived a dreamy 2020, where

it stood up to foreign series without any embarrassment

, reaching international success in many cases themselves.

A good streak that is supported by other productions, not so well known, but of proven quality.

Some are well known, such as

The Paper Prison



, but others are worth remembering.

Lost (Netflix)

It premiered in


on Antena 3, where it debuted with good numbers, but said goodbye to free-to-air television without making any noise.

But now, after landing on the

Reed Hastings


, the series created by

Natxo López


Ruth García

, has regularly visited the top positions of its top in different countries of the world.

The production tells the misadventures of Antonio (

Daniel Grao

), a desperate man who manages to be locked up in a prison in Colombia, where he seeks information about the kidnapping of his daughter.

Laura's Mysteries (Amazon Prime Video)

He said goodbye to TVE viewers in 2014, but seven years later, many of them still feel like orphans from the adventures of Laura Lebrel, a particular police detective incarnated with self-confidence by

María Pujalte


With a humorous tone and a high-level choral cast (

Fernando Guillén Cuervo


Oriol Tarrasón


Laura Pamplona


César Camino

were fixed) the series correctly picked up the witness of series such as



Diagnostic murder


A crime has been written


The fiction ended leaving an open ending (in fact, five scripts for the fourth season had been written) and there are many voices crying out for a return.

Its great international reception has caused it to have been adapted to several countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy, Russia or the United States, where

Debra Messing

played the role of Pujalte in the two seasons that

The Mysteries of Laura



Just before Christ (Movistar +)

It achieved quite a bit of word-of-mouth, but not enough to survive beyond its second season.

The adventures of Marco Sepronio (

Julián López

), a wealthy Roman patrician who sees his life go to ruin when in the year 31 BC.

de C. mistakenly kills a senator, they last a total of 12 episodes, in which their creators,

Juan Maidagán


Pepón Montero

, manage to convey that crazy and reflective humor that they have already successfully deployed in

Camera Café


Los del tunnel


With materials rented from the legendary Cinecittà studio, the tributes to

La vida de Brian


Golfus de Roma


Asterix and Obelix


M * A * S * H

make it a must-watch series for history lovers or, simply, of humour.

The Last Show (HBO)

Pedro Reyes


Emilio Laguna


Paco Aguilar


Señor Barragán

... Between 1990 and 1995, Spanish comedians were the kings of the after dinner thanks to

Don't laugh, which is worse

, the Getmusic program presented in its beginnings by the longed-for

Jordi Estadella


In it, where the joke was the king, one of its best exponents was

Marianico el Corto

, the name behind which is

Miguel Ángel Tirado

, who at that time became a well-known face throughout Spain thanks to his parody of a man from Aragonese field.

Tirado never imagined that, 30 years later, his character would take a celebrated dramatic turn.

He does so in

The Last Show

, a series produced by Aragón TV in which

Álex Rodrigo


Carlos Val

successfully mix elements of the comedian's biography with fictional parts, in which his ex-wife, his daughter and his granddaughter will force him to face each face his dream: to leave his character behind and direct a surrealist film in the style of

Luis Buñuel


Air kisses (Disney +)

Paco León


Leonor Watling


Nacho Novo


María León


Mariam Hernández

... The cast of the Mediaset España series-event, recently released on Disney +, has spared no expense in forming a powerful cast with which tell eight cross stories with confinement as a backdrop.

Directed by

Iñaki Mercero

and script by

Darío Madrina

, the production seeks to send a message of "optimism and love" to all those people who have ensured the health and needs of society during the pandemic.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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