▲ Various items left behind by a couple who gave birth to a baby in a motel

"Since last summer, I have been to the motel with a small child more than 20 times a day or two. After having a child from the motel, I contacted the town office several times and asked for help, saying it was going to be a big deal, but in the end this happened."

Park Mo (67), the owner of another nearby motel, where a girl who was found with cerebral hemorrhage at a motel in Incheon was born two months ago, expressed her regret in a media call today (14th).

The motel is the place where A, 2 months old, was born, who was moved to the intensive care unit of a nearby general hospital without consciousness at around 0:3 yesterday and treated.

According to the fire department, Ms. A was born on February 16 at around 10:30 am in the bathroom in this motel room.

On the same day, paramedics who were dispatched after receiving a report from his father, B (27), cut the umbilical cord and transported Ms. A and his mother, Ms. C, 22, to a nearby hospital.

Park, the owner of the motel, said, "I went up to the room because 119 had come and gave birth, and when I went up to the room, the room was in a mess."

He said, "I asked the firefighters to help me out, and I also contacted the town office and asked for help, saying that if I leave it on the news, something that would appear on the news would happen." .

However, Ms. A was found with cerebral hemorrhage yesterday while staying with her father, B, and her brother at another motel nearby.

The police urgently arrested Mr. B, his father, who was accused of abusing Miss A and injuring her head severely, and decided to apply for an arrest warrant.

Mrs. B visited Park's motel more than 20 times from June to July of last year, long before Miss A was born, and stayed for 1 to 2 days each time.

When Mr. Park, who thought it was strange to visit a motel with a child often, asked why, the couple said, "I came on a trip" at first, but later said, "I have to move, but the date is not correct, so I stay at the motel."

After the birth of Ms. A, Mrs. B did not return to Mr. Park's motel but moved to another motel nearby.

Park explained, "I haven't returned to the motel anymore since I was born," and said, "I keep the baby's mother's clothes and baby products in a plastic bag because I don't know."

“I tried to tell you how to get help when I come back to the motel, but I was worried that I didn't come back,” he said. “I asked the town office for help several times, but this happened in the end.”

Bupyeong-gu, a local municipality, visited the motel by contacting the owner of another motel where Mr. B's family lived, and provided information on welfare services and childbirth subsidies, and provided baby products and side dishes, but in the middle of last month, the contact with Mr. B was cut off.

Earlier, a public official at an administrative welfare center in Incheon city requested an investigation by sending an official letter to the police on the 5th of this month, asking the police to confirm the location after they had not been in contact with Mr. A for more than a week.

Mr. B's wife C, who was not in the motel room at the time of the incident, was already arrested by the police on the 6th of this month on charges of fraud.

Mr. B took care of his two young children by himself after his wife C was arrested earlier this month.

Mr. Park said to Mr. B, "The language wasn't rough and polite. When I asked what to do if I had a child in a motel, I said,'I'm sorry,' and I went back and forth."

"After giving birth, the baby's mother thought she would come to get clothes in a motel gown, not her own, but she didn't come," he said. "I don't know what the situation is, but I have a big heart that I need to help you because the circumstances are so bad," he said.

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