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Many police services around the world are present on social networks.

Since October 2020, the Spanish Guardia civil has launched on TikTok, fully determined to address young people, followers of this social network.

But this presence on the Chinese social network is variously appreciated, reports



At the end of November, officials released a video in which they dance to the song



A sequence that went badly with the official Union of the Professional Civil Guard.

Asistimos ultimately has a bochornoso espectáculo in the social red Tik Tok.

No todo vale para estar en el candelero y menos a costa de la imagen de la @guardiacivil ganada a pulso por todos los guardias civiles.

🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸El Honor es mi Divisa🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸 @ EFEnoticias @elmundoes

- Unión de Oficiales Guardia Civil (@UnionOficiales) November 30, 2020

An undeniable success

The organization issued a statement explaining that this kind of publication harms the image of the function, highlighting "the feeling of shame felt by many members of the Guardia civil".

But if, on the professional side, some are embarrassed, this TikTok account is very successful online.

It now has nearly 400,000 subscribers and some videos have exceeded one million views.

Most of the publications are used for prevention aimed at young people.

Inspired by this initiative, the Spanish police followed suit and created their own TikTok account.

It now has more than 450,000 subscribers and has garnered 2.5 million likes on the platform.


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