Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, promoted the'Seoul-style win-win quarantine' and began to differentiate from the government's quarantine measures.

Mayor Oh announced at the Corona 19 online briefing today (12th), "We will change the paradigm to'win-win quarantine' that protects both people's livelihood and quarantine, escaping from the uniform'regulated quarantine' that forces the sacrifice of self-employed and small business owners."

He said, "The neighborhood business district that supports Seoul's economy is collapsing," he said. "The government is pushing for disaster subsidies, but it's hard to be a final solution. The fundamental solution is to make it possible to do business."

The vision of the Mayor is that, instead of the current regulation-oriented quarantine, which applies the same operating time limit regardless of the business type, we will enable practical and flexible business during the required time period, taking into account the actual conditions of each business type.

For example, it is being discussed how to ease the regulation of business hours until 12 p.m. for Hunting Pocha, Gamseong Izakaya, and entertainment pubs, 11 p.m. for Hold'em pubs and pubs, and 10 p.m. for Collate.

The city announced that it will discuss with industry associations by this week to prepare a city-level manual, and next week to start discussions with the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (the main script) over the implementation method and timing.

With the concern that the quarantine system could collapse, while minimizing the impact on sales, the ‘One Strike Out’ system was applied to businesses that violate the quarantine rules, and a plan was made to further strengthen quarantine responsibilities and obligations.

Mayor Oh said, "If the Seoul-style distance tracking manual is implemented, it will create a great synergy effect, such as extending business hours reflecting the characteristics of each industry, and will create a whole new era in the quarantine system."

The key tool for realizing win-win quarantine and Seoul-style distance is the introduction of'self-diagnosis kit'

It means that people who wish to use the multi-use facility will use the kit to voluntarily inspect it, and the owner will be able to determine whether or not to allow admission based on the result.

Mayor Oh said, "At the main script meeting this morning, the central government urged the government to actively consider the introduction of self-diagnosis kits."

The self-diagnosis kit is a means to check the results of the Corona 19 diagnostic test in 10 to 30 minutes.

Also called a quick diagnostic kit.

The US, UK, and Germany are using it, and some domestic companies have developed and exported kits.

However, domestic use has not yet been approved.

Mayor Oh predicted, "We will actively review the implementation of a pilot project to verify that it is effective in preventing Corona 19 by introducing it to the singing practice area with many night users."

He pledged to minimize confusion by working with the government on the possibility of a conflict with the central government.

He promised, "Even in the case of pilot implementation of (win-win quarantine), we will ensure that there is no confusion in the field through discussions with the script."

He said, "I look forward to the central government's sympathy with Seoul's efforts to save the people's livelihood and with one heart and mind."