Health authorities have made AstraZeneca not to get the vaccine because people under the age of 30 are concerned about side effects.

However, those who had already received the AstraZeneca vaccine once were also given the second dose.

There are some countries that do not do this, but why did we do that, and medical reporter Jo Dong-chan pointed out the reason.


A university hospital employee, 20-year-old Kim Mo and Park Mo, received the AstraZeneca vaccine three weeks ago, and will also receive the AstraZeneca vaccine at the second dose next month.

[Mr. Kim, 20s, AZ Vaccine 2nd Vaccination Target: I think it should be right for the patient because I am in the hospital.] If

there were no side effects such as blood clots when the 1st vaccination was done,

it would be better to get the

AstraZeneca vaccine again even in their 20s. Government guidelines.

Still, I am not without worry.

[Kim parent's / 20s, AZ vaccine secondary vaccinated subjects: (? I have a thrombotic adverse controversial)'s not what now appears a lot, though, is a bit scary]

[Night mode seeds / 20, AZ vaccine secondary vaccinated subjects : If there was no big problem when you got the 1st vaccination like me, wouldn't there be any big problem even if you got the 2nd vaccination...

.] If you were given the

AstraZeneca vaccine and there were no side effects of blood clots, the chances of a blood clot would be very low even at the second dose.

This is because blood clots caused by an immune response occur in people who are sensitive to certain substances in the vaccine.

It has not been proven whether or not a vaccine that is different from the first dose will increase the preventive effect.

Some European countries have different policies than ours.

In the UK, under the age of 30 and under the age of 55 in Germany, although the first AstraZeneca vaccine was given, the second dose will be given a different vaccine.

This is because it has been proven that it is safe to change vaccines if you keep enough intervals between vaccinations.

In addition, because even one shot has some preventive effect, it was decided that it was not necessary to take the risk of blood clots and get the AstraZeneca vaccine again.

Unlike us, it is also a viable option because we have more and more vaccines.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-sik, video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)