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Silvia Abril

(Mataró, 1971) rice is spectacular on Sundays.

So much so that your recipe (which includes artichokes, green beans, Iberian pork ribs ...) is one of the questions you have to answer in practically every interview.

Only one surpasses it another, the one of: "when will do a drama?".

The latter even asks her husband,

Andreu Buenafuente

, master of ceremonies of the presentation in Madrid of

The success of the season


Teatro La Latina

, from April 8), "a dream come true" destined to honor the 30 years of existence of the production company El Terrat and that Abril stars alongside a cast strongly linked to the company:

David Fernández


Oriol Grau


Mònica Pérez


Jordi Rios


Fermí Fernández


Mònica Macfer


In fact, the show revolves around six comic friends who in 2001 tried to represent

Romeo and Juliet

to claim as actors beyond humor.

The project fails, but 20 years later they meet again with the intention of achieving success, this time.

Better not ask her about her famous rice or when she is going to perform a drama, right? [Laughs out loud] How does it feel to be considered "the queen of Spanish comedy"? Even the compliments!

I am to lower things, I am like very earthy.

Being Aries, being a goat and being a mountain ... yes it is true that I always shoot at the mountain, but I do it from below, from the ground.

Therefore: [makes a raspberry].

What I want is to work, have fun, continue doing comedy and if I can be surrounded by friends like in this play ... well, better. Some writing manuals say that the best time to set a text is 20 years in the past.

And here it is also addressed what has happened two decades after that failed representation of Romeo and Juliet. 20 years have passed since the failed performance and we are all in different places: there are relationships that have ended, other relationships that begin ... Each one is from his father and mother, they have shot in different places.

April, during the rugged performance of 'Romeo and Juliet'.

And they meet again with pride for things done and resentment for what remains to be done ... Yes.

Notice that 20 years have passed and what unites them again is a dream: to be able to finish representing that function that was truncated two decades ago by something that I cannot count. '# ReleaseTheRomeoYJulietaCut', as if from 'La Liga Zack Snyder's Justice 'it was ... Exactly!

[laughs] Do you feel that you have things to do like many of the characters in the play?

In these 20 years that I have worked, I have done everything.

Always in comedy, yes.

But the field to be explored is huge.

I've done TV, I've done radio, I've presented, I've collaborated, I've done everything.

The cast of 'The success of the season' with Andreu Buenafuente.

He has even written novels ... Yes, the fourth part of

The Fantastic Hormiguets has just come out


So, as I told you, I am very well served.

Yes it is true that I always love looking for new things.

And they go out, eh!

But still the pursuit of excitement when I work.

Because the moment I lose her, then I'll consider changing ships ...... And doing the vaunted drama. Yeah [laughs].

Maybe then it will be the occasion.

But, for the moment here, on stage at La Latina, I'm happy. And he does it wearing the El Terrat brand, which has managed to make a name for itself as I never dreamed of. It's my home.

For us it is our home.

We are lucky.

It's lucky to be here.

You belong to a family that is highly valued, that is highly respected, that maintains an authorship in the works, that does not do anything.

It is the best place to be.

At least it is for me.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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