Oh Se-hoon, the new Mayor of Seoul, said that he would instruct the Seoul Metropolitan Government to carry out a review of the public housing prices.

Mayor Oh met reporters today (10th) after visiting the Seoul Station Corona 19 Temporary Screening Test and said, "The Seoul city has no authority to adjust the increased public announcement price, but after consulting with the central government, we believe that it is possible to negotiate with the central government so that it will not be raised at a rapid pace anymore. I want to."

He said, "As a preparatory work, in the case of cases that require partial re-examination, it is first necessary to re-examine and establish a basis for why we should freeze," he said, and that he will order a review next week.

Mayor Oh pledged to try to freeze the publicly announced price next year, saying that the rate of increase this year was too high for the 2021 public housing price plan announced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

This year, the average rate of increase in the publicly listed apartment prices for apartment houses nationwide was 19.08%, and Seoul was 19.91%.

Mayor Oh said that the government refutes the results of a re-investigation of public announcements from Seocho-gu and Jeju-do, saying, "I am hoping that the central government will not be able to reject it until the end if it makes a suggestion based on a proper re-examination."

(Photo = Yonhap News)