LG will offer Android updates for 3 years despite closing its smartphone division -


After weeks of speculation, LG finally made the news official: the South Korean company will close its smartphone division.

Slowing down for many years, the news came as no real surprise, except perhaps to current owners of LG smartphones.

What will happen to them?

Will special support be put in place for these customers?

The answer is yes.

LG has indeed indicated that it will roll out Android updates for the next three years, but only for recent and high-end models.

Some mid-range models launched in 2020 will also benefit from updates, but only two.

"All high-end LG smartphones currently in use will receive up to three iterations of Android operating system updates from the year of purchase," LG details on its site.

Thus, recent high-end LG smartphones will be able to benefit from the next versions of Android.

The G series, V series, VELVET and Wing models are concerned.

LG intends to exhaust its stocks

As for the mid-range models, only the Stylo and K models are affected.

These will benefit from Android 11 - currently being deployed - and Android 12 which still needs to be finalized.

This is good news for owners of LG smartphones, although some may find this promise insufficient.

Others could be tempted and acquire a recent model of LG smartphone.

The South Korean firm has indeed indicated that its smartphones will still be marketed after the fateful date of July 31 while stocks last.

If you are planning to buy an LG phone, then you will be able to enjoy Android updates until 2024.

When it comes to security updates, LG has been more evasive;

"Security software updates will continue to be provided for some time for some devices."

These security updates could therefore be deployed every month, as is the case with other manufacturers, or less often, every three months, for example.


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