Three days ago, citizens who were nearby at the time of the serial collision in front of Jeju National University took the lead in the rescue. Continued.

This is JIBS reporter Kim Yeon-sun

<Reporter> The

scene of an accident where a freight car collided with a city bus one after another and became a mess.

Young-ho Lee, a sophomore at Jeju National University, who was returning home, witnessed the accident.

When I saw the city bus overturned without thinking about it, my body reacted first.

[Lee Young-ho/Jeju University 2nd year: As soon as I saw it, I think I went down and said,'I have to help you.'

If there is someone in danger, everyone wants to help.

I think I went with that thought.] The

situation inside the overturned bus was serious.

Mr. Lee and other citizens evacuated passengers who were injured and surprised by the impact of the accident and were able to speed up the rescue operation.

The heart was also gathered to help a 21-year-old female college student, Kim Mo, who was rescued from a cardiac arrest on an overturned bus and miraculously survived.

The social media posts of Mr. Kim's father, who asked for blood to donate, saying that he had to undergo urgent surgery due to continued bleeding, spread quickly.

Blood donation volunteers flocked to every blood donation house in Jeju Island, and some people waited for more than two hours to participate in blood donation.

[Gimdonggwon / designated donor: It's very young students looking at SNS article posted that blood is needed moment I came to mind, such as blood type to help yiraseo]

smashes a contact phone even hail in other cities such as Seoul and Busan.

107 people designated blood donation for Mr. Kim, and nearly 43ℓ of blood was collected.

Amid the enthusiasm for blood donation, Mr. Kim successfully completed the emergency surgery, and Mr. Kim's father expressed his gratitude, saying that he received great help owed to many people.

(Video coverage: Insoo Yoon JIBS)