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were 671 new corona19 confirmed cases, continuing the 600-700 range for the third day.

As the spread of Corona 19 in many places in daily life has increased, the quarantine authorities have extended the current distancing stage and banning meetings with five or more people for another three weeks, and instead implemented additional tweezers quarantine measures.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae delivers.

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distance-distance measure, which is currently in phase 2 in the metropolitan area and Busan, and 1.5 in the remaining non-metropolitan areas, will be extended for three more weeks until the 2nd of the following month.

The government has decided to keep the ban on meetings of more than 5 people and the 10 p.m. business hours limit in effect in the metropolitan area for the time being.

However, he added that the business time limit can be returned to 9 p.m. at any time depending on the situation of the spread of Corona 19.

In the metropolitan area and Busan, where the spread of infection continues, the business of entertainment facilities such as Danran Izakaya and Collate has been banned.

[Kwon Deok-cheol / Minister of Health and Welfare: In the case of entertainment facilities, there are a number of cases in which epidemiological investigations are delayed due to violation of operating time restrictions or not properly filling out the access list.]

Yesterday (8th), the number of new corona19 confirmed 671 people , Mostly occurred in Korea.

Among the domestic outbreaks, 450 were confirmed in the metropolitan area and 194 were confirmed in the non-metropolitan area.

At Seoul National University, after one student was first confirmed three days ago, 16 more were confirmed, and 15 people, including police officers and visitors, were confirmed at the Seoul Jungnang Police Station for three days from the 6th.

Yesterday, about 36,000 people received the first dose of the Corona 19 vaccine a day, and the cumulative number of inoculations was 1113,000.