As the spread of Corona 19 in Korea continued, the number of new confirmed cases today (9th) reached the second half of the 600 range.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0 o'clock today, the number of new confirmed cases increased by 671, accumulating 108,000,269.

It was 29 people less than yesterday (700), and it came down to 600 again in one day.

Looking at the infection route of today's new confirmed cases, local outbreaks are 644 people and overseas inflows are 27 people.

The number of confirmed local outbreaks was 600 for three consecutive days following the last 7-8 days (653 → 674).

Recently, the number of new confirmed cases in Korea is increasing rapidly.

While the '3rd pandemic', which has continued since mid-November last year, has not subsided, the '4th outbreak' is in full swing with the number of large and small group infections nationwide.

From the 3rd of this month to today, the number of new confirmed cases in the last week was 543 → 543 → 473 → 478 → 668 → 700 → 671 people per day.

During this period, 400 people, 500 people, and 600 people are each twice, and 700 people are number one.

In response to fears of the 4th outbreak, the government extended the current'social distancing' (second stage in the metropolitan area, stage 1.5 in the non-metropolitan area) and the ban on private gatherings of five or more nationwide until the 2nd of next month for another three weeks. From next week, it has been decided to impose a collective ban on entertainment bars in the metropolitan area and Busan, meaning a business ban.

In addition, the operating hours of singing practice centers, gyms, restaurants and cafes, etc., will remain until 10 p.m. for the time being.

Instead of raising the distance level, which causes enormous damage to the common people's economy, measures for'tweezers prevention' were reinforced centering on facilities where group infections are frequent.

(Photo = Yonhap News)