Today (8th), the number of new confirmed cases is expected to increase from yesterday to around 700.

The government also said that the possibility of the 4th epidemic is growing, and urged us to refrain from unnecessary gatherings.

This is reporter Jeong Gu-hee.

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9 o'clock last night, 647 new coronavirus cases across the country were counted.

Considering that 606 people were confirmed by 9 p.m. and finally 668 new confirmed cases occurred, the number of confirmed cases is expected to be around 700.

If the number of confirmed cases exceeds 700, it is the highest number since 868 on January 6, when the third epidemic continued.

The quarantine authorities diagnosed the current situation as one after another, regardless of specific regions and groups.

A typical example is the infection of circuit meetings related to'Sujeong churches' across the country. From the end of last month, 201 confirmed cases came out from 12 cities and provinces across the country as members of the church went to several churches with infection.

I am also worried that infection will continue again at the facility where strict quarantine rules were applied.

35 people were confirmed at the Incheon daycare center and 34 at the Ulsan call center.

In Daejeon, where the number of confirmed cases related to the tutoring academy increased to 69, the distance from today has been raised to the second stage.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Jung Soo-bon, quarantine general manager: We need to watch the situation more, but the possibility of the 4th outbreak in earnest is growing.

It is time to raise the tension of quarantine again.]

The government has decided to strengthen preemptive inspections.

Even if there are no suspicious symptoms, anyone can get a free corona test at public health centers and screening centers nationwide.

New distancing adjustments to take effect next week are announced tomorrow.

A government official said, "We are looking for a way to maintain the distancing stage, but strengthen the inspection of basic quarantine rules, and there are many experts' opinions that we need to raise the stage."