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It's time for current affairs critic Hyun-Jun Go's news.

Shall we look at the first news today (8th)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic> As

tourists visiting Thailand were cut off due to Corona 19, some of the elephants included in the tour products received gifts to return to their hometowns.

Five elephants working for tourists in Pattaya, Bangkok, have recently started their return trip to their hometown, Surin Province in the northeast.

These elephants were moved to Pattaya 5 years ago to carry tourists on their backs, and they are said to have earned at least 530,000 won a month.

A year passed as tourists could not make money due to the corona 19, and the corona 19 situation did not show any signs of improvement for the time being, so the owners eventually decided to return the elephant to their hometown.

The elephants' return home is about 500 km, and they have to walk for about two weeks because they do not have money to rent a large vehicle to carry the elephants, but the owners refused to donate cash because the return procession would be seen as a'show show'.

However, the citizens said they were grateful for the elephants and their water, fruit, and food.

<Anchor> It's

nice to hear that elephants are going back to their hometowns, and on the other hand, Thailand is a country where they live on tourism.

However, it seems to be one example that shows that it is really difficult.

What's the second news?

<Hyun-Joon Koh/Sisa Critic>

Not long ago, a scene where children were thrown into the country by throwing children from a 4-meter-high barrier between Mexico and the United States was shocked. This time, a child who was wandering the desert alone away from the immigrants helped the border patrol. The appearance of asking is revealed, adding to the regret.

On the 1st, an immigrant child was rescued by patrols near the Rio Grande River, which runs across the border between the United States and Mexico.

The child approached the car of the border patrol in person and sobbed to the patrol officer asking what was going on, saying,'The person who came with me abandoned me' or'I don't know where I went.'

The child crossed the border, mixed with a group of immigrants alone without parents, and they cried for help, saying that they had abandoned him.

At the recent border between the United States and Mexico, there are an average of 500 minor immigrants unaccompanied by parents per day. The border patrol team said that it is very dangerous to cross the border alone, and the border patrol urged them to think again.


There is a lot of talk that there are more than 500 minors a day alone. Recently, there is a difference in immigration policy between the Biden administration and the Trump administration. I will do it, I think immigrants are gathering because it seems that they will implement a more pro-immigration policy while doing this, but there is a little hope that such human rights issues will not be highlighted anymore.

Please give us the last news today.

<Ko Hyun-Jun/Presentation Critic>

A resident-type babysitter was discovered while stealing things from the house, but the story that he showed a red hatch attitude is causing resentment online.

Yesterday, an article titled'thief babysitter' appeared in an online community.

The author said that he had hired an in-house baby sitter to live in one house and take care of the baby, but the baby sitter claimed that even though the child cried from the first day, he did not take care of him by looking at his cell phone, and he searched all over the house to take care of things.

The author's mother opened the water dispenser in front of the door to check the delivery, and found out that the babysitter had done this, and from then on, he collected video evidence and reported it to the police. Various items such as coins, luxury wallets, clothes, and pots were hidden.

At first, however, the babysitter who said he would be paid for it, and the police officer said that he showed the attitude of a red party to ask for wages that he worked for two weeks after three days of investigation. .