New Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said today (8th), "I feel a heavy sense of responsibility once again when I see all of the Seoul City employees welcoming you to work for the first time," and "From today, Seoul will run again."

Mayor Oh came to the Seoul City Hall for the first time this morning, greeted the staff, and said, "Although I was elected by the by-election for more than a year in office, I did my best to make up for the shortcomings and with your help. It will be changed to" he emphasized.

He said, "I want to try to help citizens who are in trouble by running hard as an initiative."

He then took the elevator to the office on the 6th floor and signed the Seoul City Officer Handover Form.

As a result, Mayor Oh officially took over the work from Seo Jeong-hyeop, Vice Mayor of Administration, who has been acting as the mayor of Seoul.

Mayor Oh smiled brightly and said, "If you read it all and sign it, it will take too long," he said. "It's pretty much all there. It's a Seoul city project that we're promoting. All homework and things to study."

In doing so, I signed three copies of the takeover form in turn.

Prior to that, Mayor Oh's first official schedule was to check the handwritten list at the Memorial Hall at 8 am today, enter the memorial hall, and visit the memorial tower through a line of honor guards.

After the visit, he left a phrase in the guestbook, saying,'Seoul is running again, Korea is standing right.'

He said, “I will be a mayor of Seoul who will take good care of and take care of the people of Seoul who are suffering from the new coronavirus infection,” he said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)