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connection with the controversy over blood clots, research results are continuing in Europe, where AstraZeneca vaccination has been a lot.

The European Medicines Agency recommended this vaccination for all age groups, while acknowledging some cases of blood clots after vaccination as side effects.

Medical reporter Cho Dong-chan will explain how to look at it.

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European Medicines Agency recognized as a side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine is bleeding with blood clots, blood clots, or platelet abnormalities in the brain and spleen.

A survey of 34 million people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine revealed 169 blood clots in the brain and 53 clots in the spleen, of which 19 died.

This is because blood clots block blood vessels such as the brain or lungs, causing a stroke or pulmonary embolism.

The reason was explained with an example of a thrombolytic drug called heparin.

Heparin is a drug that dissolves blood clots, but there were cases where blood clots occurred after administration, so when we investigated, blood clots were created by an immune reaction that recognized heparin as a foreign substance.

[Emercook/Director of the European Medicines Agency: Blood clots after AZ vaccination are similar to those caused by immune reactions in heparin-treated patients.]

However, we maintained the recommended vaccination policy for all ages.

I saw that the side effects of blood clots were very rare.

However, the UK says that people under the age of 30 may be better off getting another vaccine.

A study at the University of Cambridge in the UK showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was more profitable than it was, but because the rate was lowest among people in their 30s and younger, and much higher with age.

[Jun Lane/Director of the UK Drug Regulatory Authority: (AZ) Looking at the gains and losses, the elderly were much higher and the younger were lower.]

Most complications of blood clots occurred within 2 weeks after vaccination in people under the age of 60. Shortness of breath or chest pain , If your legs are swollen or abdominal pain is prolonged, your vision is blurred due to aching head, and you have several small bruises at the injection site, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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