Busan Mayor Park Hyung-jun, who was elected by the 4/7 by-election, started official business today (8th) with a visit to the Dongnae Chungryolsa Temple in Busan.

Mayor Park visited Chungnyeolsa Temple at 8:30 am today and worshiped as the first official schedule.

Local lawmakers including Ha Tae-kyung, Chairman of the Busan City Party, Kim Hee-gon, Jeong Dong-man, and Lee Ju-hwan, accompanied the worship service.

After the visit, Mayor Park left an impression in the guestbook, saying, "We will preserve and inherit the love of the country of Busan, historical pride and pride."

Mayor Park receives an election certificate from the Busan Election Commission at 11:00 am.

At 1:20 pm, the office of Busan City Hall will sign the delivery letter, receive a business report immediately, and approve the current issues.

As the mayor of Busan, the first site to visit is the Vaccine Vaccination Center.

Mayor Park will visit the Busan Citizen Park Citizen Sarangchae, where the coronavirus infection-19 vaccination is performed at 4 pm to check the vaccination status and encourage employees.

(Photo = Yonhap News)