T-Mobile wants to connect one million households in predominantly urban areas to fiber optic internet over the next five years.

To this end, the provider is entering into a partnership with the company Open Dutch Fiber, which will install the network.

Open Dutch Fiber will soon start with the construction of the first part of the fiber optic network, of which T-Mobile will be the first tenant.

It will be an open network on which other parties will also be able to offer services.

T-Mobile and Open Dutch Fiber want to invest at least 700 million euros over the next five years.

Open Dutch Fiber is a new partnership of KKR Infrastructure and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.

The work is expected to take several years.

The urban areas concerned have not been disclosed.

The parties are looking to see if more projects are coming in the future.

In the past eighteen months, T-Mobile, together with Primevest, has already announced fiber optics for 130,000 households in The Hague, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, more than half of which is now available.