China dismantles massive video game cheat




One of the largest video game cheat networks in the world has been dismantled in China, reports the BBC.

Helped by the telecoms giant Tencen, the police in Kunshan (Shanghai) arrested 10 people during their coordinated operation and destroyed 17 cheating software.

Almost 40 million euros in property were also seized on the spot, including luxury vehicles.

The vast network known as Chicken Drumstick offered cheat software subscriptions for various popular multiplayer video games, including


, Overwatch, and

Call of Duty Mobile


Activities that obviously did not please Tencent, also present in the video game market (Riot Games, Epic Games, etc.).

The price of the subscriptions offered ranged from $ 10 to $ 200 per month.

They would have made more than 76 million dollars to the cheaters.

The popularization of video game competitions, but also confinement, would have exploded this type of market.

A drop of water in the ocean

If the dismantled organization was one of the largest in the world, many of its competitors still offer this type of illegal service.

There are in fact several hundred cheating networks dedicated to video games around the world.

The fact that these networks are brewing more and more money is pushing the authorities to act.

The latter fear that these illegal resources could be used to finance other criminal and even terrorist activities.

They also represent a shortfall for States.

It should also be noted that some cheat software offered on the web sometimes contains other malicious software.

So many reasons not to give in to temptation.


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