Two Dutch hackers have discovered a leak in the video calling program Zoom that allows them to take over the computers of Zoom users.

On Wednesday, they won the Pwn2Own hacking competition and a cash prize of 200,000 dollars (168,000 euros), the organization reports on Twitter.

The user does not have to click on anything to give the hacker access to the computer, as is the case with some phishing emails.

That makes the leak extra dangerous.

Daan Keuper and Thijs Alkemade, who work for a cybersecurity company, tell

RTL News

that Zoom users need not worry, because only they and Zoom know how to exploit the weakness.

According to the pair, Zoom is already working on a security update.

The men have spent two months trying to exploit the leak as best as possible, they say to RTL.

"Most of the work is in developing the vulnerability so that you can actually take over a computer with it, and that it works every time - no matter on which computer," says Keuper.