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It's time for current affairs critic Hyun-Jun Go's news.

What is the first news today (7th)?

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic>

Recently, as the number of electric kickboard users increases, concerns about safety accidents are also growing.

It's a video uploaded on a YouTube channel yesterday, and a man enters an apartment complex on an electric kickboard.

But if you look over the man's shoulder, a little girl is riding on a shoulder.

The video reporter witnessed the scene while waiting for the signal to enter the apartment complex.'The man could not catch the child because he had to hold the kickboard and drive,' and said,'The only thing the child could hold was the man's head.'

He said, "It is a dangerous situation in which the child may fall if an obstacle appears in front and suddenly catches the brake."

Experts also stressed that it is a dangerous situation for two adults to ride, but it is dangerous to ride a child with a thirst, and that the system for electric kickboards is urgently needed.

Looking at the


video, it looks really dangerous.

But isn't it that way?

<Ko Hyeon-jun/Sisa Critic>

That's right.

From May this year, a bill related to electric kickboards has been revised and applied. For now, a license of more than a prime mover is required, and children under the age of 13 are prohibited from driving electric kickboards.

And, as you can see in this electric kickboard video, there are situations where two people can get a fine, so it will be important to take care of these laws.



Please tell me the second news.

<Ko Hyun-jun / Current affairs critic> We

will deliver the next news.

In Cheonan, a woman ordered a million won worth of food and then threw it all over the building without eating it.

These are photos uploaded on an SNS that delivered news of the Cheonan region on the 5th. Various ordered foods such as Chinese food, ice cream, and coffee are scattered around the building along with packaging containers.

The photo reporter said, "A woman received the food delivered and threw it on the elevators and stairs," and said that she did not open the door to the police who were dispatched after receiving the report.

Eventually, they told the 119 rescue team that they were arrested only after opening the door.

According to a police investigation, the woman was reported to have done the same thing after ordering a million won worth of food from several places with a prepayment.

A police official said that the woman was immediately arrested and investigated after receiving a report, and that the woman's condition or personal information cannot be disclosed in order to protect her personal information.


What kind of news are you prepared for today's final news?

<Koh Hyun-jun / Current Affairs Critic>

This is the last news today.

Paris, France, a city of art and romance, is now faced with criticism as a'garbage city'.

These are the photos recently uploaded under the title of the social media hashtag,'The Messed Paris', and they are on the street.

Paper boxes and mattress furniture are scattered throughout the city, and styrofoam and plastic trash are scattered throughout the city.

There are thousands of photos uploaded like this, and it is said that Paris is becoming a garbage dump that citizens cannot tolerate.

The city hall of Paris immediately issued a statement, claiming that the photos on social media were different from the real ones, and refuted that they were taken before cleaning by the Environmental Cleaners or that they were from a very long time ago.

In addition, it was explained that the recent surge in garbage was due to a decrease in 10% of the cleaners employed by the city hall after Corona 19.

However, some citizens continue to criticize the current mayor, saying it is clear that the city is overflowing with garbage and being neglected.

With the addition of far-right political parties, the garbage controversy is spreading into a political battle.