Choi, 32, was sentenced to life imprisonment at the appeal trial for cruelty killing two women.

The first criminal division of the Jeonju Tribunal of the Gwangju Prosecutors' Court (Chief Judge Kim Seong-ju) dismissed the appeal of the prosecutor and the accused in an appeal against the latest species accused of rape, robbery, and body abandonment today (7th), and sentenced to life imprisonment. I kept it.

The judge emphasized that "the defendant denies the crime except for murder and abandonment of the body. However, if the evidence submitted by the prosecutor and the accused's initial confession are combined, the accused's crime can be convicted."

Choi Jong-jong confessed to all of the crimes earlier in the prosecution's investigation, but has reversed the statement in court.

The judge said, "The defendant killed two women miserably at different times and places, and the result could never be forgiven."

The judge also said, "The defendant does not seem to sympathize with the anger felt by the general public and the society who encountered the report of this case, and does not seem to be sincerely regretting his fault." He criticized the crime by reversing his statements from time to time or even giving absurd answers."

He said, "There is no reason to take into account the motives for the crime of the defendant, and the possibility of accusation is high. Even though the police investigation for the first murder is underway, he casually committed the second crime." "It cannot be considered that the brother of the law has exceeded the reasonable range of his discretion."

When the judgment by the judge was over, the bereaved families sitting in the auditorium screamed in a crying castle, saying, "Save the dead."

They tried to reach out to the latest bell, demanding "to have him executed," but court inspectors stopped it.

The guards went out of the courtroom with the latest abusive bells.

On April 15, last year, after sexually assaulting his wife's acquaintance, A (34, female), Choi Shin-jong was arrested for stealing gold bracelets and cash and abandoning the murdered body near a river.

Four days later, on the 19th of the same month, it was investigated that B (29, female), who met with a mobile chat app, was murdered and the body was abandoned in an orchard.

However, while acknowledging the charges of murder and abandonment of the body, the latest species repeatedly denied the charges of robbery and sexual assault by repeating excuses such as "(because I was drunk) the film was cut" and "memory is weak."

During the appeal trial process, he complained of resentment, saying, "The prosecutor made a statement as desired and the facts (about the case) were wrong."