A woman in her 40s who claimed to have been sexually assaulted after having consensual sex with her boss was sentenced to jail and arrested in court.

Chuncheon District Law Criminal 1 Deputy Judge Jung Moon-sik announced today (7th) that Mr. A, who was accused of innocence and defamation, was sentenced to six months in prison and held in court.

In January 2018, Mr. A sent a report to the executives at work, saying, "Since April 2014, Mr. B has continuously been touched and received a message saying'I want to see you'."

In October 2015, Mr. B said, "After having dinner after receiving a call from Mr. B that'I have a business discussion,' he was harassed and sexually assaulted in his vehicle."

However, the results of the investigation revealed that Mr. A was dating B at the time and agreed to have sex at the lodgings.

Mr. A told his colleagues that after Mr. B left the company, Mr. B had been raped by Mr. B, and that caused Mr. B to leave.

It was investigated that Mr. A assumed that Mr. B made a rumor about himself, saying that he had'complex men's relations and handled things using men's relations', and was committed with resentment.

In a one-year trial, Mr. A argued that "they tried to convey what they suffered, but the submission of the report does not constitute a report of innocence", but the court did not accept it.

Despite the allegations of defamation, he asserted that "there was only a natural sexual assault story in the conversation", but it was not accepted.

Judge Jung said, "I have inflicted pain and hurt again on the victim who came to the court as a witness while insisting that the sexual assault is true without grounds and denied the crime." "No." 

(Photo = Courtesy of Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)