It was confirmed that veteran profilers who were in charge of the Gangnam Station murder case and Lee Chun-jae case were put into the psychological analysis of the suspect Kim Tae-hyun, whose details of the murder of three mothers and daughters were disclosed in an apartment in Seoul.

The Seoul Nowon Police Department said that four veteran profilers from the Department of Scientific Investigation of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency are investigating Kim Tae-hyun at the detention center of the Dobong Police Station in Seoul from around 1 p.m.

As a result of the SBS interview, 3 out of the 4 people who were introduced are veterans with more than 10 years of profiling experience, especially the profiler who was mobilized in the process of eliciting the confession of Lee Chun-jae, who was identified as the real criminal of the serial murder in October 2019 and the bathroom at Gangnam Station in May 2016 It was found that the profiler who was in charge of investigating the suspects in the murder case in Seoul was included.

They plan to understand the motives and hidden intentions of the crime based on Kim Tae-hyun's personality and characteristics while talking with Kim Tae-hyun until late this afternoon.

To this end, it has been reported that the police are working on the investigation while knowing the contents of the statement of the suspected investigation of Kim Tae-hyun three times before and the part that the police have identified through separate interrogation investigations.

Whether a profiler survey will continue tomorrow or whether a psychopath test will be conducted will be determined based on the results of today's survey.

Currently, there are 32 criminal analysts and profilers from across the country.

The Seoul Nowon Police Station, which has begun a final investigation against Kim Tae-hyun, plans to arrest Kim Tae-hyun to the prosecution on the 9th after analyzing the statements.