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prosecutor who blocked former Vice Minister Kim Hak-eui from leaving Korea late last year was recently handed over to trial.

The person who instructed the prosecutor to ban the departure from the country that night was Lee Gwang-cheol, the Blue House Civil Service Secretary, confirmed by SBS interviews.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Son Hyung-an.


On the late night of March 22, last year, Kim Hak-eui, the former Vice Minister of Immigration, immediately conveyed to the Blue House, who noticed that Kim Hak-eui appeared at Incheon International Airport for departure.

At this time, the head of the headquarters of Cha made a phone call with a member of the Blue House, who was the senior administrator at the time, Lee Gwang-cheol, civil administration secretary.

This secretary called first and said that he would be contacted because a prosecutor who would impose a ban on departure has been called.

Afterwards, Prosecutor Gyu-won Lee, a member of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, contacted the head of the headquarters and made a withdrawal document to prevent former Vice Minister Kim from leaving the country.

The purpose of this was that secretary Lee Kwang-cheol ordered the withdrawal of former Vice Minister Kim to the prosecutor, and the head of the Cha headquarters claimed that there was no illegal in the withdrawal procedure because Kim was suspected of bribery. I did.

However, the investigation team at Suwon District Prosecutors' Office turned over the prosecutor and the head of the Cha headquarters to trial, claiming that they used fake withdrawal documents in the process.

In addition, secretary Lee Kwang-cheol is investigating and detecting the fact that he has intervened in the withdrawal process.

It is known that sooner or later, the secretary will be informed of the schedule for a summons investigation.

SBS made several attempts to contact this secretary to hear the prosecutor's position, but no contact was reached.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)