Driving test .. «Peugeot 3008» .. The latest releases of the French company for the year 2021

The French car company Peugeot introduced the 3008 category as one of its latest releases for 2021, which was distinct from the 3008 and 5008 classes, with 165 horsepower generated by its turbocharged engine, with a capacity of 1.6 liters.

The car is currently available in the UAE, the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East, at the authorized dealers, in all its categories according to the characteristics that distinguished «Peugeot». The car underwent major tests in hot weather prior to its introduction in the region, to achieve a fuel economy of 15.1 km / Liter, although it is a sports car class "crossover" SUV.

The "Peugeot 3008" system works with a six-speed automatic transmission, with smart systems, on top of which is the i-Cockpit, which helps the driver on the road, increases safety and security, and recognizes the vehicle’s position continuously.

The car has two HD touch screens measuring 8 inches and 10 inches, in addition to a digital head-up display.

The French manufacturer preserved the luxury of the cockpit by placing the center touch screen in a suitable place to give more comfort to the view, a panoramic sunroof, seats of "Nappa" red leather, and "Alcantara" cladding.

And «Peugeot» has chosen to put smart standard additions in this car to compete in its class, most notably the massage function, maintain the lane, the blind spot, and 360-degree vision.