Bronco, legendary Ford, arrives in the third quarter of 2021


The "Ford" Middle East Motor Company revealed the date of the arrival of the new model "Bronco" to the markets of the region (the Arab Gulf and the Middle East) in the third quarter of this year (2021), after it was recently launched in the US market.

Rania Al-Shurafa, director of communication at Ford Middle East, told Emirates Today that the new Bronco is expected to arrive at the end of this summer.

The public awaits the appearance of the car, which was first produced in 1965, and has high-level four-wheel drive capabilities, allowing it to run on all roads and off-road tracks.

The new model comes with two options, the traditional one that is satisfied with two doors for the cabin, or the version with a spacious cabin with four doors, and its price in America starts at $ 29.9 thousand (equivalent to 109 thousand dirhams).

And provided «Ford» for its new car, two options of the engines «Eco Boost», the first four-cylinder with a capacity of 2.3 liters, produces 270 horsepower, 420 Newton / meter of maximum torque, and the second component of six cylinders with a capacity of 2.7 liters produces 310 horsepower , And 542 Nm of torque.

It is noteworthy that the first car from "Branco" came with a short cabin and a chassis that had the ability to detect, in a model designated to deal with the difficult terrain of the American countryside, before Ford moved in the second generation to add a long version with four doors, starting in 1977, Branco continued its successes for five generations, before its production was stopped in 1996.