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night of the 28th, a commuter bus at Hyundai Steel's Dangjin factory crashed under an 8m embankment, killing both people inside.

The police are investigating the details of the accident.

This is TJB Choi Eun-ho. 


I wondered if the bus turns left, and then it rushes toward the bridge railing.

After breaking down the safety structure, it fell into the embankment 8m below, causing a big impact.

At around 11:20 last night, a 45-seater commuter bus crashed on a bridge in the Hyundai Steel plant in Dangjin, and two passengers, including a 48-year-old driver and a 37-year-old worker, died at the site.

[Dangjin Fire Station Staff: One of them has its own emergency squad of Hyundai Steel. I transferred it there. The other was taken by our ambulance.] The

bus departing from the support center in District A in the factory was on the way to the accommodation with an employee who was leaving work.

The bus was lifted using a large crane, and a black box was also found at the site, but it is difficult to check because it is wet.

Hyundai Steel has established a countermeasure group with commuter bus operators to identify and correct the cause of the accident.

[Seung - Hee / Hyundai Steel's Dangjin mutual communication chief: There conducting a survey on the current police let us actively cooperate so that the situation can be promptly settled]

accident car articles jyeotneunde delivered geolro continue matahon to operate in the region, why decent I wonder if I left the road and suddenly rushed to the railing.

The Coast Guard is investigating the details of the accident, opening up all possibilities, including vehicle defects and cell phone use.

(Video coverage: Song Chang-gun TJB)