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(25th) night, three mothers and daughters were found dead in an apartment in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

At the scene, a man in his twenties was arrested for attempting self-harm, and the police believe the man committed a terrible crime while stalking.

Reporter Han Sung-hee reports.


Last night, an apartment in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

A mother in her 60s and two daughters in her twenties were found dead by a weapon.

In the apartment, there was also a 25-year-old Kim Mo, who had a wound in the neck and abdomen.

Mr. Kim confessed to the police who had been dispatched that he had killed three mothers and daughters and tried to take his own life.

Police secured a CCTV footage of Mr. Kim going up home on the night of the 23rd.

Kim, who entered the apartment complex, was reported to have been committed by taking the elevator and knocking on the door and opening the door.

The scene of the crime was discovered after two days due to the report of the eldest daughter friends who were suspicious of the loss of contact.

The police confirmed the circumstances in which Mr. Kim was rejected after unilaterally asking for dating from his eldest daughter, who he learned in an online game.

Friends say she confessed that she'changed phone numbers because of stalking'.

[A/Oldest daughter friend: Someone contacted me and said,'Don't contact me,' but I kept in touch and said'Don't contact you' again, and then I changed (phone number)...


Some media reports allegedly committed by her boyfriend were outraged.

[Mr. B/Oldest daughter Another friend: (Mr. Kim) is definitely not a split boyfriend.

I hope this part will be corrected.] The

police are planning to conduct a full-scale investigation of the suspect as soon as the man who has finished the surgery finds consciousness.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan and Lee Yong-han, Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, VJ: Noh Jae-min)