Former professional football player Thierry Henry will temporarily stop social media from Saturday.

The former world champion with the French national team in 1998 does not agree with what he sees as too casual a policy that social media platforms have around online racism and harassment.

"I will stay offline until the platforms deal with the current abuses as harshly as they do copyright infringement," the former Arsenal star striker wrote on Instagram.

"The racism, harassment and as a result mental torture of the victims has become too toxic to ignore. Someone has to take responsibility."

According to Henry, it is too easy to open an account and then harass people anonymously without any consequences.

Until this changes, the former footballer says to stay offline.

He says he hopes that things will improve soon.

In July, Henry, dressed in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, knelt for exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds during a duel between the Montreal Impact and New England Revolution he trained.

That time was similar to the time when a white policeman in May sat with his left knee in the neck of the black detainee George Floyd.

Floyd died shortly afterwards.

The images of the black man's heavy-handed arrest in Minneapolis sparked protests around the world against racism and discrimination.

The Black Lives Matter movement gained worldwide fame because of the protests.

Various athletes also made themselves heard during matches, including by kneeling before the first whistle.

The American basketball, soccer and baseball leagues came to a temporary halt because of the protests.

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