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police investigating suspicions that LH Jeonbuk Regional Headquarters went to Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, far away to buy land, confiscated and searched LH Jeonbuk Headquarters today (22nd) and summoned and investigated suspected employees.

The police said that if a public official used inside information to speculate, it would be subject to arrest investigations as a rule.

This is reporter Choi Sun-gil, breaking news of the investigation.

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police come out with a blue box of confiscated goods.

[(Where did you search for seizure?)…

.] The

police confiscated and searched the LH Jeonbuk Regional Headquarters and the homes of related persons under the so-called'suspicion of speculation on expedition to Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong-si'.

LH Jeonbuk Headquarters is a place where a large number of former and current employees who were built after purchasing the land in Noonsa-dong worked, and two additional employees were recently caught speculating.

Yoo Mo, a former LH employee who is known to have participated in the expedition speculation, was also summoned.

[Nanny/Former LH employee: (Do you admit speculation charges?)…

.] As

former and current Jeonbuk local employees were summoned one after another from last week, it is also interpreted that the police investigation has caught up with the priority judicial treatment of allegations of expedition speculation.

Incumbent Moo Park and Moo Soo, who are accused of buying the land in Guarim-dong, were also called one after another to be investigated.

[Mr. Somo/LH employee: (Please tell us your heartfelt words before the investigation today.) I will do it sincerely.]

Police Commissioner Chang-ryong Kim announced that he would pursue an arrest investigation if he abused his position as a public official and dumped it with internal information.

In the midst of this, the police initiated an internal investigation on the former head of the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency, who bought 2 lots of land in Sejong City under the name of his wife when he was in office.

The Commissioner of Happiness is the highest position responsible for the construction of Sejong City, and corresponds to the vice-minister level.

In the case of suspected speculation by an employee of the Blue House Security Service requested for investigation, the case will be distributed as soon as possible.

(Video coverage: Kim Myung-gu, video editing: Kim Jong-woo)