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additional confirmed cases continued for 400 people for six days.

On holidays with fewer tests, the number of patients tended to decrease slightly, but not last weekend.

With nearly 80 confirmed cases so far from the shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, a mutant virus is spreading in the Yeongnam area.

Reporter Deok-Hyun Kim covered this content.

<Reporter> This

is a screening clinic installed near Okpo Shipyard in Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Long lines lined up from the morning as workers flocked to be inspected.

After the first confirmed cases came out on the 14th, 79 people have been confirmed so far in connection with the shipyard.

There have been 410 cumulative confirmed cases in Geoje over the past year, of which 142 have come out within the last 10 days, and 68 have been employees of this shipyard.

The shipyard stopped the operation and conducted a preemptive inspection of 2,400 employees who had a lot of movement on the site.

[Byeon Kwang-Yong/Geoje Market: After discussing the rapid and accurate total inspection method for all employees with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an efficient plan to simultaneously work and quarantine... .] The number of

mutant virus infections has increased to 249 cases, with 36 cases added since the last 15 days.

Of these, 26 cases were local community infections, and new mutations were found in Ulsan public baths and relatives' gatherings in the Yeongnam area.

[Eun-kyung Jung/Director of Disease Control: Currently, the outbreak of the UK mutant virus continues to be reported in the Yeongnam area.]

Amid growing concerns about an increase in the amount of movement due to outdoor activities in spring, the city of Seoul is controlling some sections of Yeouido during the cherry blossom bloom period next month. Instead, we made a lottery so that only 500 people can see it a day for a week.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon)