In connection with the controversy over the interview with Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office on the 17th, Kim Jin-wook, head of the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Department (KPA), said, "It was necessary to confirm what the Prosecutor Lee's claim, who refused to respond to the first or third subpoenas, was".

Deputy Minister Kim met with reporters on his way to work at the government office in Gwacheon this morning and said, "I did a basic survey for about 65 minutes, focusing on the interview on the 7th, and it was the same as the contents of the lawyer's opinion."

He emphasized that "the air defense agency is advocating a human rights-friendly investigation agency, so it is a principle to receive an interview request for major incidents in order to listen to any resentment."

He added, "However, there were special circumstances because the current airborne prosecutor is two of the chief and deputy chiefs," he said. "If the position is established in the future, the prosecutor in charge will be interviewed."

The criticism that'the investigation report was written but did not leave a record' was said to be "The investigation agency prepares the report in question and answer format and receives the signature and seal of the suspect, etc., and it is appropriate for the deputy minister and the deputy head to leave the record in the investigation focused on the interview. “I saw no.”

Regarding the backlash of the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office that'there are no investigations in the transferred data', Director Kim said, "It's usually an existing claim, so I didn't write it in the investigation report because I didn't have to write anything new, but now that I think about it, I can't write a line or two. It seems to have caused a useless suspicion," he regretted.

He also said, "I talked twice with Suwon District Prosecutors' Office before Jae-cheop, and because I heard the opinion of the suspect, it was reasonable to hear the opinion of the investigation team."

He repeatedly emphasized, "The prosecution is against the point that'Song Chi after the investigation is complete', but if you combine the purpose of the airlifting law to prevent'covering the family', it is possible to defer the exercise of the right of prosecution."

He pointed out that there is a rule that if you do not write a record due to the investigation rules, you must leave a reason.

Regarding the interpretation that the prosecutor's office made a cause to evade the prosecution's investigation by this investigation, he said, "It is a post-mortem interpretation," and "His claim is that the spy is illegal because it is exclusively under the jurisdiction of the airlift in this case, but in the end, he did not accept the claim." Refuted.

(Photo = Yonhap News)