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On October 2, 2018,

journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated

inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul.

Those facts have never been fully clarified.

But the documentary

El disidente

(on Filmin

since March 19) aspires to do so with

exclusive images and interviews

with people related to Khashoggi.

And it focuses on a country, Saudi Arabia, with an

absolute monarchy accused

of being behind this crime and espionage on a world scale.


On that fateful day in 2018,

Jamal Khashoggi

went to the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul (Turkey) to arrange some papers regarding his future wedding with

Hatice Cengiz

, his fiancée.

As the hours passed, the

journalist and columnist for The Washington Post

did not leave that room and his girlfriend gave the alarm signal.

The investigation carried out by the Turkish police alerted to signs indicating that Khashoggi - whose remains have never been found -

was tortured, killed and cut to pieces



Mohamed bin Salman

, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, would be behind the events.

As stated in the documentary, that

death was hidden and rejected

for several days by those responsible for the consulate.

But, as can be seen in the

exclusive images

that appear in

The Dissident

, something happened there.

Stains, furniture movements and other details confirm that a crime was committed.

Hatice Cengiz was the fiancée of the murdered journalist.



also you are seen

transcripts of audio recording of the crime

of Jamal Khashoggi.

In them there are phrases uttered by

members of a commando

made up of men chosen from among Mohamed bin Salman's guard and senior members of the security forces that leave no room for doubt.

In 2019,

Saudi Arabia sentenced five people to death

for the 'Khashoggi case'.

Very few details have transpired from that process.

A few weeks ago, the administration led by Joe Biden, US President, declassified documents that prove Mohamed bin Salman's involvement in the crime.


Jamal Khashoggi was

born in Saudi Arabia and

was assassinated at the age of 59


As the documentary directed by

Bryan Fogel

(winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2018 for



, the protagonist of

The Dissident

did not flee his country until a year before being assassinated.


information, very critical of the Saudi monarchy

, was not well received by the leaders of that kingdom.

The documentary shows images of Jamal Khashoggi with his fiancée.

Throughout his career, the Saudi had developed his journalistic work in media in his native country and came to collaborate closely with the Saudi royal family itself.

He also did it in foreign media in which he participated with opinion columns, reports and various television appearances.

Among others,

The Washington Post, AlJazeera or BBC


His work carried out during the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union or, more recently, on the Arab Spring, led him to be considered one of the

best-informed journalists

in the Arab world.

With 1.7 million followers on Twitter, Jamal had become

an uncomfortable voice for power.



The Dissident

, both democracy and freedom of the press appear in danger.

Statements by


who worked close to the assassinated

and activists highly critical

of the Saudi regime show their faces.

There is talk of the extortion methods allegedly used, pressure exerted on family members, cyber espionage (at this point Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon appears) and even how

Khassoggi went from being an ally to becoming a dissident


'The dissident' graphically explains how to manipulate social networks.

Also noteworthy is the

participation of Hatice Cengiz, girlfriend of the late

journalist, who has always struggled to clarify the facts.

She tells how she lived her death, but also how happy they were during the time they were together.


The pace of the documentary is

frenetic, it is very educational and includes numerous graphics and statements

that explain the darkest areas of the 'Khassogui case', including the espionage exercised on him and other journalists.

With this, it

is possible to shed light

on the murder and, incidentally, clarify what is the current economic and political panorama in Saudi Arabia.

The great

role that governments and social networks play

with respect to the dissemination of information contrary to power

is also valued


Whether these are true or

fake news


As the director himself has acknowledged, the documentary

El disidente


problems finding distribution in the US


For eight months, the big platforms raised their discomfort with such a controversial issue.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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