It was revealed that the former vice minister Kim Hak-eui met with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Lee Seong-yoon and Kim Jin-wook, the chief suspect in the suspected illegal departure.

After that meeting, the air defense department handed over the case to the prosecution, but it is a controversy that the two people met and did not pass on to the investigation team what they talked about.

For more details, this is reporter Bae Jun-woo.


Kim Jin-wook, the head of public transport, who attended the National Assembly today (16th) admitted to meeting Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, Lee Seong-yoon, the suspect in Kim Hak's illegal withdrawal case.

[Kim Jin-wook/ Chief of Airborne: (Where did you meet?) We met at the Airborne Division.

(Who did you meet?) I met the lawyer and the person concerned.

Depending on the interview request.]

The interview that lasted for 70 minutes was the last 7 days, so it was five days before the Air Defense Agency handed over this District Prosecutor's Office case back to the prosecution's investigation team.

The opposition party questioned whether the interview had worked on the background of the air defense agency's decision to directly determine whether or not to be prosecuted while passing the case to the prosecution.

[Kim Do-eup/The Power of the People, Secretary of the Judiciary Committee: Have you met Lee Seong-yoon?

But right after that, I was worried about the meeting right after the meeting, and then I sent a copy of the case?] According to the

rules of the investigation, Deputy


Kim said that he was able to interview and informed the investigation team that he had interviewed the chief prosecutor.

At first, I talked about the interview as if I had written a record, and then I corrected it later.

[Kim Jin-wook/Director of Airborne: It seems that it was probably wrong because you said that you did a basic investigation.

.] There

are reports of investigations that the Suwon District Prosecutors' Office was also interviewed, but it said that there was no mention of a single line of what the interview was conducted.

If you have investigated a key suspect under the Criminal Procedure Act, you should leave it as a record, but it is a reaction that you cannot understand that there is no such thing.

In response, the Ministry of Public Transport admitted that the interview details were not left, but refuted that there is no obligation to leave them.

The opposition party accused the opposition party of being irresponsible when he repeatedly insisted that the prosecution would be able to determine whether the prosecution could be prosecuted or not.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Kim Jong-woo)