As the domestic Corona 19 shows signs of re-proliferation, the number of new confirmed cases today (16th) was in the mid-300 range.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of today's 0 o'clock, the number of new corona 19 confirmed cases increased by 363, accumulating 96,000,380.

It reached 300 for two days in a row, down 19 from yesterday (382).

However, it is difficult to conclude that the spreading trend has eased as the effect of the decrease in the number of inspections on weekends and holidays usually extends to the beginning of the week.

When looking at the path of infection of new confirmed cases, local outbreaks were 345 and overseas inflows were 18.

On November 14 last year (205 people), the'third pandemic', which started in earnest, has entered the 5th month.

The number of new confirmed cases, which showed a modest decline this year, soared to the 600 level immediately after the Lunar New Year holiday (2.11-14) and then dropped to the 300-400 level, but has been increasing again in recent years.

During the last week (3.10~16), the number of new confirmed cases was 470 → 465 → 488 → 490 → 459 → 382 → 363 daily.

During this period, 300 units are numbered 2 and 400 units are numbered 5.