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2nd quarter vaccination plan was announced.

From the first week of the following month, vaccinations begin for the elderly over the age of 75, special teachers, health teachers, etc. 

Reporter Hyung-Rae Kim will organize who, when and what kind of vaccine will be given.


11.5 million people are eligible for vaccination in the second quarter of this year.

The number of seniors aged 65 and over accounted for more than three-quarters of the total.

First, senior citizens aged 65 years or older in nursing hospitals and facilities will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine starting next week.

From the first house in April, 3.64 million citizens aged 75 and over, and 160,000 people, including senior citizens and residents, are vaccinated against Pfizer.

All Pfizer vaccinators should visit the nearest immunization center.

[Jeongeungyeong / Disease Management Commissioner: Pfizer vaccine has determined that vaccination the first such vaccine for the vaccination because the first introduction (at the end of this month), (over 75 years), Pfizer vaccine]

However, Tao Since it is difficult for them to reserve vaccinations online, starting next week, the official in charge of the residence will contact you first to confirm consent and determine the vaccination date.

Health teachers and special school teachers will also get the AstraZeneca vaccine starting the first week of next month.

Second, from house to house, personnel at facilities for the disabled, correctional facilities, and workers at homeless facilities receive vaccinations sequentially.

From May, vaccinations are given to seniors aged 65 to 74 and flight attendants traveling abroad, and in June, vaccinations are given to essential personnel such as kindergarten and elementary school teachers, policemen, firefighters, and soldiers.