More and more Dutch people who shop online have problems with foreign web shops.

Almost three-quarters now say that they have sometimes suffered from this.

This is an increase of 5 percent compared to last year, according to figures from payment technology company Mastercard.

Foreign web stores are more popular than ever, according to Mastercard.

Since the corona crisis, a quarter of the Dutch who sometimes shop online more often order from a foreign web shop.

79 percent of Dutch online shoppers sometimes buy from web stores that are not in Dutch hands.

The main reason for this is the lower price.

Almost a fifth say they have been scammed by a foreign web store.

Other common complaints about foreign web shops are late deliveries, undelivered orders and damaged products.

Despite the problems, only a third of the online retailers insure their purchase with a purchase or delivery guarantee, with which the money is refunded for an undelivered order.

Dutch web shops are also increasingly popular due to corona.

Since the pandemic, seven out of ten Dutch web shops have bought more from Dutch web shops than before.