The personal data of 18,000 people with a foreign diploma may be on the street.

Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education) wrote this in a letter to the Lower House on Monday.

The minister cannot rule out that the data has been misused, although there are no indications of this yet.

Investigation into possible abuse is still ongoing.

Anyone who wants to integrate and who is looking for a job in the Netherlands can receive an assessment from the organization Nuffic of the value of the diploma on the labor market.

The application system that Nuffic uses was tested by about 60 software developers in Serbia.

A program that had to make the data anonymous did not work.

It is not yet known why.

The leak was discovered on February 9.

The data has been available for viewing by the developers since 11 August last year.

All personal data has been deleted from the test environment, including the backups.

The victims of the leak were notified on Monday.

They can contact a helpdesk with questions.

The leak has also been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.