Yesterday (8th), 446 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea rose to 400 in one day.

The quarantine authorities are tense as group infections continue in various places, with more than 70 people confirmed in four days at the livestock market in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do.

Reporter Park Soo-jin delivers.


446 new corona19 confirmed cases came out yesterday and rose to 400 again in one day.

Of the 427 domestic outbreaks, 299 were confirmed, including 98 in Seoul and 181 in Gyeonggi-do in the metropolitan area, and an additional 128 were infected in the non-metropolitan area.

At the livestock product trial center in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, where the first confirmed case occurred on the 6th, 13 additional people were infected as of 9 am today, and a total of 73 people have been confirmed so far.

The route of infection of the first confirmed person has not yet been clearly identified, and a total inspection of 570 people, including employees and visitors, is still in progress, so the number of confirmed cases may increase further.

In the Busan joint fish market, the largest offshore fishery market in Korea, five more people were infected, and the number of confirmed cases increased to 11, and the fish auction was completely stopped.

The number of confirmed cases is seldom decreasing, and the government's worries are deepening as it is preparing a distancing adjustment plan that will be applied from next Monday.

[Sae-gyun Jeong/Prime Minister: The government will carefully decide on a distancing adjustment plan that can prevent the 4th outbreak while keeping an eye on the spread of this week.]

Meanwhile, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday that 64,000,111 people received the Corona 19 vaccine a day, and the cumulative number of inoculations was 383,000.

After vaccination, 924 reports of adverse reactions were added yesterday, increasing to a total of 4,790.

Two more death reports were added to 13 cases, and the health authorities are investigating the remaining five cases in addition to the eight cases that were tentatively concluded yesterday as having no causal relationship with the vaccine.