Sellers who acted so-called'Dalgu' to buy alcohol and cigarettes for teenagers instead of being caught were caught.

The Gyeonggi Province special judicial police said that 12 people, including Mr. A, were arrested and handed over to the prosecution on charges of purchasing harmful substances for juveniles and selling them to juveniles.

Mr. A provided alcohol and cigarettes to teenagers about 350 times from July to October of last year, and it was found that the survey found that he was also holding an event to give instructions on how to receive parcels without being noticed by parents or to discount fees. .

The envoy explained that it was revealed that they were mainly in contact with teenagers through social media.

Among the suspects, some teenagers sold alcohol and cigarettes to other teenagers by using the acquired adult ID card or the parent's ID card.

(Composition: Min Kyung-ho, editor: Cha Hee-ju)